Friday, March 29, 2013

Factory Haul + Featured!

OK, I'm gonna keep it real with ya!

I have a shopping problem!

Did you all hear about the 50% off sale going on at J.Crew Factory this weekend?  If you're like me, you were probably jumping for joy at the email. Well, I literally ran there the first free second I had!

My shopping trip can be described like this:
Have you ever experienced putting EVERYTHING in your cart while online shopping, then before you check out, delete a bunch of it realizing you don't really need all of it? Not to mention it was adding up to an unthinkable price! this situation I didn't delete my items before getting to the register.

I went in there for these two things:

And left without either of these, but got a whole lot of other goodies!

Shopping haul anyone??!
How about my husband's gonna kill me! LOL

But, I got some really good essentials and something to wear on Easter!

Any who- exciting news!

I've been chosen this week from Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins link up to be in Amy's top 5!  I'm so honored that she chose to feature me in her weekly top 5!  I found Amy through Instagram and I love reading her little corner of the internet.  If you haven't checked out her blog, head on over and leave a comment to show some love! :)

Hoping everyone has a blessed holiday weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Layering: Tricks of the Trade!

Season after season, fashion has been all about layering! It's the perfect way to put together a stylishly chic look without having to look like you tried too hard.
 I, for one, have stocked up on button down shirts in the last few months like CRAZY!!! I'm a Virgo, so my typical OCD behavior comes out with things like this.  In other words, I need to have every color, every pattern, every print, every style, and every length in button down shirts.    

Anyone with me on this??

Be honest....I've seen some of your closets on Instagram!! LOL ;)

My outlook when I walk into a store now is...hmmm, what can I layer this with?

But hey, when it comes to layering, it's all about getting it down to the right science.  The colors, patterns, prints, styles and lengths all have to compliment each other.

The ideas for layering are very similar to the ideas for mixing and matching prints that I talked about in this post.

Ideas for Layering
  • Mix and Match Different Fabrics- A sequins shirt over a chambray shirt, a leather peplum tank over a cotton turtleneck, a goose down puffer vest over, well... just about anything!! Play with your fabrics to get the right balance that doesn't overwhelm your body size and won't add bulk to your frame.
  • Short Sleeve Shirt Underneath a Long Sleeve Shirt- If you're going to do this, be sure that your colors coordinate.  For example, if you're wearing a navy under shirt, the top shirt should have some shades of blue in it.
  • Wear Long Socks- I know, this sounds so weird! But believe it or not, you can actually layer your boots!  I love to wear extra long, thick socks that come up to my knees with my riding boots and a skirt.  This makes the top of the socks peek out from your boots. Ah-dorable!
  • Cardigans- DUH! :) This is probably the most worn way to layer!  I personally love to wear a cardigan over a fitted shirt, and might even layer a blazer over that! This is an example of an outfit that I'd definitely mix patterns and prints with!
  • Scarves- Who doesn't love a good scarf?! It has the potential to add a touch of color, a touch of style, and a touch of sophistication! Plus, it's an awesome and easy way to layer.  I love this option for people who are new to the idea of layering and want to ease into it!
  • Jewelry-
  1. Necklaces are the perfect way to add a statement to your outfit.  I love to layer my necklaces and wear one long necklace that hits below my chest, and one short necklace that hits above my chest. 
  2. Bracelets are also for layering!  In case you haven't noticed, I have some serious arm swag! Layering your bracelets is all about having the right balance between chunky and dainty. 
  • Skirts & Tights- Pairing thick, patterned tights with a solid skirt is      FAB-U-LOUSSSS!! 
Now, if you're like me, and on the shorter side (I'm 5'4") be careful with what you choose to layer.  When done right, it looks impeccable!  But, if it's done wrong, it can end up making you look shorter...and I'm pretty sure none of us shorties wanna look shorter! :)

Here are some of my Instagram pics where I layered:

I'd love to hear or see how you like to layer your outfits! Please share with me in the comments :)

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shades of Blue & Sequins

Yes, that's right...I'm wearing sandal wedges and there's snow on the ground! 

I'm such a dare devil!  

Actually, truth is I fell off of a slate step after JUST getting a pedicure (go figure) and badly hurt my heel, leaving me with no option but backless shoes! 

But hey, I get to look like a fashionista at work wearing my granny slippers ;) 

Unfortunately, it's still waaayyy too cold for sandals on an everyday basis.   

Don't let the sunshine fool ya!

Tell me, are you are still faithful to last season's bubble necklace? 
J.Crew has come out with so many new cute necklaces to replace the bubble, but I still love mine! 

Photo Credit~Thanks Mom!

Outfit Details
Sequins shirt (sold out) but loving this for summer // Merona Chambray (sold out) but loving this chambray // Gap Jeans // Cork Wedges (old) but love these // Link Bracelet // Gold Bangles (sold out) find similar style here // Bow Bracelet (sold out) loving this // Navy bubble necklace (last season) loving this season's colors

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nautical Newbies at J.Crew Factory

nautical j.crew factory


I'm loving the nautical new arrivals at J.Crew Factory!  I admit, I'm a total beach girl and I fall in love with ANYTHING nautical! Anchors, starfish, blue & white stripes...sign me up!  J.Crew Factory is having 30% off all their new arrivals until the end of the day!  Which ones are you planning on buying?  I've definitely got my eye on the sequins anchor top and the Edin sandals! Ah-dorable!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring "Bridal" Showers

I had been on the hunt for a cute and inexpensive spring dress to wear to my best friend's bridal shower this past weekend.  I searched high and low and finally found this cutie at H&M for $40! Cha Ching!

It fulfilled every aspect of what I was looking for; girly, navy, patterned, inexpensive, comfortable, flattering...I could go on...

How adorable is this old fashion swing?  Don't see them like this much anymore!  Ah, brings me back to my childhood with tire swings and seesaws! :)

~Photo Credit to my mom~

Outfit Details
H&M Dress not available online, but loving this // Macy's Cardigan (old) but love this one // Pearls // Gold Link Bracelet // Spike Bracelet // White Link Bracelet // Shoes (old from Lord & Taylor) loving these // Longchamp Purse in Bilberry

Here's the bridal shower pictures!! I think we pulled everything off and it was a really beautiful day!

I saw these balloons on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea of a pink balloon inside of a clear balloon with tulle as the ribbon.  I received TONS of compliments on them!!

Paris is known for it's romance factor, so the bridesmaids and I all thought it would be a fabulous theme!

Merci to everyone who came and celebrated with us at Dawn's bridal shower!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pearls & Fur

It may be spring, but there's still snow on the ground! 

 I put this outfit together based on this inspiration board and love the way it turned out! Has a very earthy feel...loving my Alex and Ani Tree of Life bangle!  The tree of life represents strong roots, consistent growth and fruition...yup, love everything about it!

Photo credit to my mom! 

Outfit Details
J.Crew Toothpick Jeans (color sold out) loving these // J.Crew Factory Boat Neck Blouse // Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest (sold out) // H&M Ballet Flats (old) but loving these // Ralph Lauren Single Pearl Strand (old) // Pendant Necklace (old) loving this // Alex and Ani Bracelet // Calf Hair Bangle // Bakelite and Ivory Bracelets (old from antiques shops) // Coach Handbag (old)

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transition into Spring


Linen Shirt // Jeans // Necklace // Bracelets // Purse // Wedges // Lipstick // Nail Polish

Today is the first day of spring! I'm so excited, even though we still have snow in New York...ugh that darn groundhog was so WRONG! 
I think everyone around the area is eager for warmer weather to approach.  

When I saw J.Crew's Perfect Shirt in Linen, I swooned! I've always been a big fan of linen (even though it can be so pesky when it wrinkles) and am dying to get my hands on a few of these shirts for spring!

I've come across people who feel very differently about linen than I do...the pesky factor outweighs anything good.

What do you all think of linen?  Is it a yay or nay? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jean Jackets & Sparkles!

I am so thrilled about jean jackets being back in style, I could just do the happy dance!! Anyone else with me on this one? 

They go so well with casual bottoms...I'm loving pairing them with my Pixie Pants!

Believe it or not, this jean jacket is from my high school days! Yup, about 10 years old and still in awesome condition. I love coming across old clothing that I can style in new ways. Ladies, lets start digging through those old boxes in the attic! :)  Tell me if you find anything good! I'd love to see how you style it!

Whoa baby, look at my sparkly shoes! :) Just might blind somebody with these sequins flats! They jazz up the most casual outfits!

Photo Credit to my fabulous mom! Thanks mom! You're hired :)

Outfit Details
Gap Jean Jacket (old) but loving this one ~ Loft sweater (old) but loving this one ~ F21 Gingham Button Down (sold out) similar style here ~  J. Crew Pixie Pant here ~ Old Navy Sequins Flats (sold out) but loving these ~ Stella and Dot Renegade Bracelet here ~ White Enamel Link Bracelet here ~ Target Bangles (old) but loving these ~ J.Crew Factory Venus Fly Trap Necklace here

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! Yippee!!!
Have a lovely day!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Not So Mellow Yellow Monday

Happy Monday!! Today I will be guest blogging over at Everyday Fashion and Finance while Meghan is away on a superb vacation in Ireland!

Yes, I'm wishing she packed me away in her suitcase!

Here's a sneak peak!

Photo Credit~ Thanks to my good friend, Danielle!

Head on over to Meghan's Blog and check it out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Irish Inspiration

I've been excited to see all the St. Patty's Day inspiration boards and people wearing of my favorite colors! I am exactly 12.5% Irish- so I can participate in all this 'being Irish' stuff :) And I make a mean Irish soda bread! Thank you Grandma for that recipe;)

My husband is not Irish, but every year his family LOVES to do a big St. Patrick's Day dinner with corned beef, soda bread, and lots of alcohol ;) It is a drinking holiday St. Patty's Day, after all!

Unfortunately, I have to miss the festivities this year, but for an awesome reason! My best friend is getting married and I have her bridal shower this weekend! No worries, it's not a surprise!  I'm so excited to see her and a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in awhile!

I'm trying to narrow down my outfit choices for the weekend and naturally, I want to incorporate some green! 

Here's what I'm thinking for Saturday night with the girls!

Outfit Details

Have a fun filled Friday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Popping Tags at J.Crew!

I went into J.Crew yesterday to make an exchange.  My classic link bracelet came in the mail and was defective! :( One of the links was oddly wrapped around the other links not serving a purpose except making the bracelet far too short to close around my wrist.  UH! I was frustrated to have to make a trip to the mall...but, I found the last tortoise link bracelet on sale for $39.99 with 30% off plus an extra 15% off for my teacher discount!! WOOHOO!  

Definitely worth the trip and the frustration!
I bought this beauty for merely $23!!! 

Oh, how I get a thrill out of a bargain ;)

While I was out I picked up the J.Crew Pink Striped PopoverMe Too Kim Flats and the Merona Chambray Blazer!  Phew!  I told you I would have those items by the end of the week ;) Now, just waiting for my Etsy necklace to arrive in the mail from this post and am waiting on a call from Forever 21 about their LAST studded utility vest in small (it was on the mannequin, and for some reason they are not allowed to undress the mannequins for the last of an item).  Fingers crossed that they actually call!! BTW I've never heard of a store not being able to give you the last item off of a mannequin...that's what I get for asking first, have you?

Cabela says hello! She's finally feeling better after being on anti-inflammatory medication for her back.  Poor pup wasn't herself for months! Glad to have my healthy puppy back again!

It's almost Friday!! Have a wonderful day!