Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Finds!

Target Finds

Really diggin' Tar-jay lately and I'd like to thank all of my Instagram friends for that!  I was never really a Target least not for clothes, until only a few months ago. Now I find myself stopping in there once a week for a quick peek! 

Target is notorious for recreating expensive looks for the budget-conscious fashionista.  Take the glitter sandals listed above...don't they look very similar to J.Crew's version for $98 shown here?  Target has this amazing look-a-like for only $16.99! With the way I beat up my sandals during the summer, I'll save the money and buy the Target version!

Or how about the sold out mini cross body from J.Crew shown here?  I love Target's spin off of this bag for a whopping $25.00! That's just about $100 savings!  I'd especially take the save on this item because neon colors are a trend...and we all know how long trends stay around for!!:)

My favorite look-a-like that I'm dying to find in my size are the canvas wedges.  They are a spitting image of J.Crew's Seville Wedge Espadrilles shown here.  Savings...$98.00!  
Note! I have heard that the Target wedges are not very comfortable, but what's a bargain beauty without pain?

My closet is thrilled to have learned about Target's great deals and look-a-likes!
Do you shop regularly at Target?  
What great finds have you found?


  1. Hi Renee,

    Looks like you are a new blogger too! I love your story of how everyone's fashion is a reflection of their individuality. I am now a new follower of yours!

    Also I would love to button swap with you if you are interested!

    Stef With An F

    1. Hi Stef!
      Thank you! Your blog is so adorable and I'd love to do a button swap! So happy you found my blog!:)

  2. AHHH! You and Meghan at Everyday Finance and Fashion are making me so jealous that my Target stores haven't gotten this dress in. Want it so bad. I have those sandals too. Love them. XO!


  3. Picked up those glitter sandals today and I am so obsessed, I cannot wait for it to be summer!
    Also, I love that bright green bag..I think I may need it!