Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The famous polka dot!

It has been around FOREVER!  

Every time I think I could never love it more than I love it now, something new pops up that I love even more!  It's fun and flirty and a must-have for every girl out there.  

 Black and white polka dots lend itself to any accent color, but pink accents are my most favorite way!  Kate Spade was a genius when she came up with her polka dotted line of accessories.  They are sophisticated, clean and simple, yet perfectly playful for a night out!  

Kate is among many designers who have put their spin on the polka dot, and made it fabulous all over again!  

spot on

H&M print dress  / Kate Spade KedsBetsey Johnson Wallet / Kate Spade bangle / BaubleBar pink bracelet / Apt. 9 bangle/ Kate Spade Wallet / J.Crew belt/  Kate Spade Le Pavillion Large Manuela/ Kate Spade iphone case

I'm obsessed with it all, but high up on my wish list are these Kate Spade Polka Dot Keds!  I'll admit, at first I thought...why on earth would I want polka dot sneakers, especially being that I barely ever wear sneakers.  But the more I saw them, the more I thought I had to have them...and I will find time to wear sneakers! :)

$75 is not too bad for a pair of sneakers, but I have a feeling that a lot of DIYers would be able to recreate this look themselves with a blank pair of Keds, paint and a stencil!  Who's brave enough to try it?!

Still pondering if I want to give the DIY project a go, or just go buy the original!  
What's your take on it? Are you crafty and talented and know you could recreate this look no problem-o? Or are you like me, and a bit insecure with your crafty side and think this might just end up a big mess?! 

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  1. Definitely could use those sneaks!!


  2. That watch! Gorgeous!! It's funny, I used to hate polka dots growing up, I guess they seemed too juvenile to me. But now, I can't think of anything more classic and fun! Loving all these items :)


  3. Obsessed with polka dots! Adorable finds! Pink accents are also my fave way! I am wearing a white belt with black polka dots and pink loop today! I totally match your blog post ;) I love looking at those Kate Spade Keds, but I just don't know if I can wear them. I think you should try the DIY and blog about it! If they don't turn out, buy Kate Spades ;)

    xoxo Meghan

  4. I am dying over this set, I'm completely polka dot obsessed! I adore black & white with pops of pink, too cute! You will have to let us know if you try the DIY :)
    xoxo Bethany


  5. I love this post! I have been wanting to add more dots to my wardrobe so I may just have to get something from this set! If you do go with the DIY good luck! I am one of those people who would create a hot mess!


  6. I especially love to rock the polka dots look on my fingernails!!


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