Monday, May 6, 2013

A Well Placed Bow

The weather has been consistently so gorgeous the last few days and I cannot get enough of it!

I'm one of those people when asked the question "Would you rather be hot or cold"? Would ALWAYS prefer to be hot than cold.

The hubby and I are polar opposites on this topic...
...hence, there are many battles over the thermostat! :)

I usually win! hehe :)

Outfit Details
Lilly Pulitzer Jeans (sold out in this color) // Old Navy Gingham Shirt // Target Polka Dot Sweater  (sold out) // Kate Spade Bow Bangle // J.Crew Factory Gold Chain Link Bracelet // TJMaxx Rhinestone Bracelet (old) // TJMaxx Black & White Bow Sandals (how cute are these?)  // J.Crew Factory Vero Clutch (sold out in this color) // J.Crew Inspired Cupcake Necklace 

Adore this Kate Spade bow bracelet all over again every time I look at it.  There really is nothing sweeter than a well-placed bow!  

Happy Monday!

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  1. Love the well placed bow! I have a few on in my post today too! My husband and I are polar opposites on temperature too! Just last night, he asked me if it was hot in here, and I was like, "well, I am wearing a blanket, so no." Haha. :)

    xoxo Meghan

  2. Love that arm candy. ;) So cute.

    Totally agree. I'm freezing all the time, and Mitch is always hot. Which is why I wear a puffer coat for 9 months out of the year, hehe.