Thursday, March 28, 2013

Layering: Tricks of the Trade!

Season after season, fashion has been all about layering! It's the perfect way to put together a stylishly chic look without having to look like you tried too hard.
 I, for one, have stocked up on button down shirts in the last few months like CRAZY!!! I'm a Virgo, so my typical OCD behavior comes out with things like this.  In other words, I need to have every color, every pattern, every print, every style, and every length in button down shirts.    

Anyone with me on this??

Be honest....I've seen some of your closets on Instagram!! LOL ;)

My outlook when I walk into a store now is...hmmm, what can I layer this with?

But hey, when it comes to layering, it's all about getting it down to the right science.  The colors, patterns, prints, styles and lengths all have to compliment each other.

The ideas for layering are very similar to the ideas for mixing and matching prints that I talked about in this post.

Ideas for Layering
  • Mix and Match Different Fabrics- A sequins shirt over a chambray shirt, a leather peplum tank over a cotton turtleneck, a goose down puffer vest over, well... just about anything!! Play with your fabrics to get the right balance that doesn't overwhelm your body size and won't add bulk to your frame.
  • Short Sleeve Shirt Underneath a Long Sleeve Shirt- If you're going to do this, be sure that your colors coordinate.  For example, if you're wearing a navy under shirt, the top shirt should have some shades of blue in it.
  • Wear Long Socks- I know, this sounds so weird! But believe it or not, you can actually layer your boots!  I love to wear extra long, thick socks that come up to my knees with my riding boots and a skirt.  This makes the top of the socks peek out from your boots. Ah-dorable!
  • Cardigans- DUH! :) This is probably the most worn way to layer!  I personally love to wear a cardigan over a fitted shirt, and might even layer a blazer over that! This is an example of an outfit that I'd definitely mix patterns and prints with!
  • Scarves- Who doesn't love a good scarf?! It has the potential to add a touch of color, a touch of style, and a touch of sophistication! Plus, it's an awesome and easy way to layer.  I love this option for people who are new to the idea of layering and want to ease into it!
  • Jewelry-
  1. Necklaces are the perfect way to add a statement to your outfit.  I love to layer my necklaces and wear one long necklace that hits below my chest, and one short necklace that hits above my chest. 
  2. Bracelets are also for layering!  In case you haven't noticed, I have some serious arm swag! Layering your bracelets is all about having the right balance between chunky and dainty. 
  • Skirts & Tights- Pairing thick, patterned tights with a solid skirt is      FAB-U-LOUSSSS!! 
Now, if you're like me, and on the shorter side (I'm 5'4") be careful with what you choose to layer.  When done right, it looks impeccable!  But, if it's done wrong, it can end up making you look shorter...and I'm pretty sure none of us shorties wanna look shorter! :)

Here are some of my Instagram pics where I layered:

I'd love to hear or see how you like to layer your outfits! Please share with me in the comments :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. i love gingham with anything bright. love it!

  2. Love all of your layering-- always gorgeous! I am a Virgo too and am so OCD about the littlest things. Love it. :) Also, don't forget to vote for me today! Vote Here!


    Glitz & Gold

    1. Thanks Kati! Good luck in the contest! Hope you win it:)

  3. I love the layered look, but I tend to get hot easily! I'm still struggling a bit with it, but I am working on it.

  4. Love the layering! One of the toughest problems I run into is how to layer and still look cute if you eventually need to strip down to your last layer. That's why I love how you add statement necklaces to all your outfits! If you eventually are just in a t-shirt as the weather warms up through the day, the jewelry can make all the difference!

    Thanks for the inspiration Renee ;)