Thursday, March 14, 2013

Popping Tags at J.Crew!

I went into J.Crew yesterday to make an exchange.  My classic link bracelet came in the mail and was defective! :( One of the links was oddly wrapped around the other links not serving a purpose except making the bracelet far too short to close around my wrist.  UH! I was frustrated to have to make a trip to the mall...but, I found the last tortoise link bracelet on sale for $39.99 with 30% off plus an extra 15% off for my teacher discount!! WOOHOO!  

Definitely worth the trip and the frustration!
I bought this beauty for merely $23!!! 

Oh, how I get a thrill out of a bargain ;)

While I was out I picked up the J.Crew Pink Striped PopoverMe Too Kim Flats and the Merona Chambray Blazer!  Phew!  I told you I would have those items by the end of the week ;) Now, just waiting for my Etsy necklace to arrive in the mail from this post and am waiting on a call from Forever 21 about their LAST studded utility vest in small (it was on the mannequin, and for some reason they are not allowed to undress the mannequins for the last of an item).  Fingers crossed that they actually call!! BTW I've never heard of a store not being able to give you the last item off of a mannequin...that's what I get for asking first, have you?

Cabela says hello! She's finally feeling better after being on anti-inflammatory medication for her back.  Poor pup wasn't herself for months! Glad to have my healthy puppy back again!

It's almost Friday!! Have a wonderful day!


  1. that bracelet is just lovely! wtg on the deal!

    1. Thank you!! I was soo beyond excited to find this:)