Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beach-Body Ready!

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Oh working out...I love you, but I hate you! 

I've always been one for exercise since I was old enough to join a gym.  I joined my first gym at about 15 years old, and I LOVED going.  Not only was I getting in shape, but it was also a time to see friends and chat on the machines.  My bestie and I would go everyday after high school and get in a good two hour workout.  I had all the time in the world for working out!

Now, in my late twenties, I am lucky if I can fit in an hour of exercise 4 days a week! Oh, how times have changed!  I guess life just gets in the way.  Working a full time job, household chores, cooking dinner, taking the dog for a walk...I can't imagine if I threw a couple of kids into this mix! 
Super moms out there, I envy you!

With everyday life, how do you find the time to exercise in order to keep a healthy body and mind?

Back in 2010, before my wedding, I decided to try out P90X.  For those of you you are not familiar with it, it's an intense exercise regimen!  It consists of 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day for 6 days a week of intense classes for 3 months.  The results I got were AH-MAZING!!  It's funny because at the time, I didn't realize how fit I was! 

I was inspired to restart P90X after looking back at some pictures from 2010 and seeing how fit I looked!  It's time to set aside all the other things I have to do when I get home from work and get my fitness on!  Who cares if the house is a mess! I need to be beach-body ready by July! :)

Today was day 4 of P90X, and I can't move feel great!

I put together this Lululemon look for my yoga days.  Yoga is one of my favorite routines on P90X.  At first, it's really challenging because it's 1 1/2 hours of Vinyasas, balance postures, yoga belly, and deep stretching.  1 1/2 hours of ANYTHING  is challenging!  But initially I struggle with this because my upper body strength is weak.  After a few weeks of building up my strength, this is one of my favorite exercises because it leaves me feeling relaxed, limber and in a peaceful state of mind.

Lulu is my most favorite spot to pick up exercise clothes!  Their items are pure quality and breathe well while you're breaking a sweat!  One of my pet peeves is having exercise clothes that makes you feel more sweaty! My go-to crops are my Lulu Wunder Unders. I love them so much that I wear them even when I'm not exercising :)

As you got older and to-do lists got longer, did you struggle to find time for things such as working out?  What do you do to try and make time for these things?

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  1. I wish I was someone who loved going to the gym. Actually, when I'm there I like it but never love it. And it is so hard for me to go that when I moved again I decided not to join a gym but get stuff for home instead. So I'm slowly stocking up on workout DVDs. I never thought I'd like them, but it turns out I luuuuuurrrrrvvvvve them. I can go into the basement (it's furnished, not a creepy cellar), pop in a DVD and get my sweat on in the comfort of my own home without worrying how I look or sound. And have different DVDs allows you to get a variety of workouts from a variety of teachers. Perf. One place I never struggle to get to though-- a yoga or dance studio!