Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fall Features...Already!

This may sound a little crazy since we're still in July, but I'm just about ready to say sayonara to the summer and hello to fall.  The heat has been unbearable and I'm ready for it to take a walk!  Alright, I know I'll probably feel differently the minute fall arrives and it's back to work I go, but for now I'll talk a big game.

I can always count on Pinterest to have me thinking about Halloween during Easter or Christmas in July, but aside from getting excited about holidays, I always get excited for fall clothes.  Something about that back-to-school, fresh feel always makes me smitten!

I remember going "back-to-school" shopping with my mom when I was a kid.  My mom would set aside several hundred dollars for us to go and pick out a brand new wardrobe.  We'd head to the mall and create tons of outfits using mix and match pieces.  I always had a favorite outfit that was picked specially to be my first day of school outfit.  
Oh, the memories!

Somehow things haven't changed for me much over the years...I'm still heading off the school every Septemeber to begin a new year, only difference is I'm the teacher instead of the student.  And like my momma taught me, you always have to do a lil back to school shopping!

If only Pinterest was around back in my hey-day...it is the perfect resource for back-to-school shopping.  
Here are some of my recent pin worthy looks for fall...
 Image from J.Crew
 Image from The Baloney Bug
 Image from The Style Mogul
Image from Tory Burch

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  1. Although summer is my favorite season, I am also looking forward to fall clothing and I love Halloween! I am a new blogger so I am super excited to blog about the fall and winter holidays and to see how other bloggers dress during the cooler months! Great post! Susan

    1. Thanks Susan! Summer is typically my favorite season too, but fall is a close second for me!

  2. holy cow i want everything in that first outfit!

    1. I know, right! Me too! Total perfection:)

  3. I am so ready for Fall as well. I do not deal well in the heat, it makes me cranky and unmotivated. Not cool! I love what you've chosen. I can't wait for patterned tights and knee-high boots!

    1. Oh man, I thought I was the only one to feel a lack of motivation in the summer. Something about so much time stretched out in front of me makes me not know where to start! I always have HUGE plans for the 2 month break, and lucky if I get half of my list crossed off! lol