Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leather and Camouflage

I've got a major crush on J.Crew's fall line.  All the leather accents and camouflage have me smitten.  If you're not sure how to break into the camo trend, a scarf is the perfect way to ease yourself into camouflage.  It's a small accent that will help you look fashion forward instead of "army chick."  
This trend represents one way in which I like to "stick to the classics" and only splurge on inexpensive trendy items.  This scarf, for example, is only $55, which would be well worth the money for the entire scarf season. I can't lie, I deeply considered splurging on the camo trend and buying this vest, but when I considered my options, the smarter choice was the classic striped vest.  I know I'll wear it season after season.

leather and camo

Merino sweater / J.Crew ripped straight leg jeans / J.Crew lined leather boots / J.Crew red leather purse / J.Crew bracelet bangle / J.Crew earrings / J.Crew shawl / NARS Cosmetics lip stick

How do you feel about the camouflage trend?  
Do you think it will stick around for a few seasons or be out quickly like neon?



  1. I'm completely OBSESSED with J.Crew's fall line! I would love if you checked out my blog :)

    1. Me too! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

  2. Love this look! And I completely agree about splurging on trendy pieces, I would have opted for the striped puffer too :) Hope your first week back to school is going fabulous!

    xo Bethany

    1. Thanks Bethany! It's been a crazy first week! I'm absolutely exhausted lol. Definitely looking forward to a 3 day Labor day weekend!

  3. Such a cute look! Now that I've got my first ever leopard print in a shoe, I just might have to go for a camo print scarf. Love it!

    xo Monica M


    1. You so should! I'm all about starting small with bold prints and then working your way up to something bigger. I LOVE the leopard print shoes...they go with so much and are great for fall!