Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The day has FINALLY come!

Yesterday was my last day of the closet remix challenge and now I'm a free woman!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Well, not really free.....

The hubs and I are trying to stick to a logical budget to pay off credit cards and save for a house.

Sigh! The responsibilities of being an adult!

But, in any budget, you have to leave room for sundry and I think shopping for clothes counts towards that ;)

These things WILL make it into my closet by the end of the week:


If you're not familiar with Etsy.com, please go there now and browse around! They have amazing, hand-crafted pieces for a fraction of the price!  A fellow instagrammer (@bma_21) posted a picture of the phenomenal J.Crew look-a-like listed above.  Instead of paying $158 from the J.Crew website, you'd pay $19.99!! The only downfall could be that the item is not being made with the same quality components that J.Crew would use.  But, I've had good luck with Etsy so far! Hopefully my luck will continue!  I will post back as soon as it arrives to let you know if the quality was worth saving the money. Thanks for the amazing tip Bethany! If you don't already follow Bethany on instagram, please head there now and follow her @bma_21. 

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Love all of these finds :)

    1. Your welcome!! Thank you for finding those amazing necklaces for a great price! Fingers crossed that they show up in one piece :) lol

  2. I already love your blog. I went on bma_21 and thanked you both because I was going to pay full price for that necklace. I bought it within 2 minutes of reading your post. I am not sure how I can get through the closet remix challenge and read your blog at the same time. lol. I have broken it like 3 times already which is a testament to your new blog. Also ....I find the best things on etsy and shop there ALOt but I would not have found this because I would not have known to even look for it. Okay I am too excited so....thanks for the info.

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you were able to scoop up the necklace too! For that price, I wanted to buy 10 LOL ;) I completely understand your frustration with the closet remix challenge...it is REALLY hard! Try to stick to it as best as you can...you'll feel great once it's over! I admit it was difficult seeing people finding a buying things for great prices, but it's likely those sales will come again. Congrats on getting the necklace and good luck with the challenge!! Stay strong :)

  3. Congratulations on making it through the challenge! Love everything you've picked! I am totally getting that necklace too - such a great steal!

  4. So glad you got the chambray blazer from Target! I didn't realize until after I read your post that the necklace was from etsy. I have the JCrew version. I missed out on it the first time they sold it so I jumped when they started selling it again. Are you ordering the necklace from etsy? Let me know if you do and what the quality is like!

  5. I tried the blazer on at Target over the weekend but they didn't have my size! Cutest thing!

    You have totally sold me on Etsy. I need to look there for fun new jewelry!! What a steal! :)

  6. I think its time i buy a utility vest!! i am so obsessed with them!!